Why Are Governments So Interested In Internet Poo?


(Image: Tim Parkinson via Flickr/Creative Commons)

Over the past few months there has been a lot of talk in Canadian politics, and in fact in global politics around something called metadata. What is metadata? Well, it’s what your computer and smart devices spew out of there back end. Think of it as Internet poo.

What’s the difference between Internet poo and human poo. Both can be analyzed to find out if you have any health problems, and what you consume on a regular basis to profile you as an individual. However the major difference between internet poo, and human poo, is that internet poo can tell a lot more about you then the poo coming from your morning throne visit. Another major difference is that we don’t allow our government or anyone else to randomly walk into your bathroom and insist on a stool sample to ensure you haven’t done anything suspicious, or to determine if you have known terrorist markers in your DNA. We wouldn’t allow this for our morning bowl movements. To do so would violate fundamental human/constitutional rights. So why are governments around the world doing exactly that with your internet poo, and why are our Internet/telecom companies collecting and storing our poo to be analyzed to begin with?

Back a few months ago, our beloved Conservative MP’s here in Canada along with CSEC Canada’s spy agency stated that metadata is just data about data. Essentially what they said was poo is just poo, which is correct until it’s analyzed. Once collected/analyzed, your internet poo can tell a lot about you, from where you were over the course of a day, to what you ordered out last night, to what turns on you and how often. The collection of internet poo is essentially more violating to a person’s privacy than a government agent stationed outside your bathroom door permanently with a sample cup.  Shouldn’t our tax payers money be going to something like cleaning up our parks of dog poo.  Wouldn’t that be a more productive use of tax payers money?

Your poo is yours. Your data is yours, #youowntheinternet


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