Anti-Terror Vote Delayed as Senate Goes Into Crisis Mode

The Conservatives new anti-terror bill C-51 was supposed to get it’s final stamp of approval by the Senate today.  It looks like that vote has been delayed until Tuesday according to Openmedia:


While it would be nice to believe that pressure from the Canadian public is responsible for this delay, the most likely cause is due to the Senate leadership coming under direct attack by the Auditor General over senate expenses.  The Auditor General’s full English report over Senate expenses will be released Tuesday and is expected to release a political bombshell on the red chamber.  The full report will  probably be leaked to media at some point this weekend, making another delay in voting for C-51 very possible.

With the Senate now in full crisis mode, and optics of the red chamber coming under the public microscope, it could be entirely possible that the senate may actually keep delaying the vote on C-51 until government breaks for the summer.  In which case, the election writ will drop when MP’s return, and that would leave the new anti-terror bill dead on the order paper.

More to come soon….





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