US Press Pool Can’t Figure Trump Out

 Most Canadians are very familiar with “shock” politicians.   We had one of our own, and Americans need only to look at former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to understand the political similarities of republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.  Trump has said many shocking things as of late; most recently wanting to ban Muslims from entering the US.  A statement that is so wrong many in the media and us following politics just can’t resist the need to comment.  But that’s the point, to get us all talking around the world about Trump and what a Trump Presidential win would look like for the US.

I saw this video today, and just had to post.  Very good satire on Trump’s campaign thus far.

(Darth Vader’s Voice Dubbed by Trump Quotes)

It’s worthy to note that throughout human democratic history, people vote in extreme ideologies in times of economic uncertainty, and or through fears.  It is possible (however unlikely) that Trump could win the white house if his poll numbers hold.  He’s quite the master manipulator of the press.  The press doesn’t seem to be doing their jobs in the US, unlike our press in Canada regarding Rob Ford.  It almost seems that the press in the US is extremely confused on how to deal with Trump and holding him to account.  That seems more worrying to me, than Trumps comments.  The press in the US needs to stop allowing Trump to manipulate them.  They are supposed to be a pillar of democracy, otherwise:

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  1. #1 by liamyoung2323 on December 9, 2015 - 9:19 PM

    Stephen Harper was just an anti-social, anti-public version of Donald Trump. We saw the light. Maybe Americans will too.


    • #2 by Jason Koblovsky on December 9, 2015 - 9:57 PM

      Don’t forget it took us 10 years to see the light with Harper. Even with Rob Ford it took a few years. That’s what scares me. lol.


  2. #3 by Reim Way on December 10, 2015 - 7:54 AM

    You may enjoy this Guy Lawson radio interview and NY Times article…

    Journalist Guy Lawson explains his personal connections to Canadian politics. The Trudeau family history and how Justin Trudeau was able to become the Prime Minister of Canada. Why the left wing NDP lost ground in Canada’s elections by embracing austerity.

    Why Justin Trudeau leveraged a charity boxing match into becoming Prime Minister. Is Canada relevant to global politics? Rob Ford the Crack smoking conservative political leader and the destruction of Canadian identity Confronting anti Islamic bigotry and preserving Canadian identity and the Obama and Trudeau bromance.


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