Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals With Special Needs Weighs In On Ontario’s New Autism Policy



The Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals With Special Needs (OASIS) has just weighed in on the new Ontario Autism Policy.  In a media release David Barber, President at OASIS stated:

This new policy, if implemented the way it stands, sets children and their families back

Barber went on to stay:

Early intervention is crucial for a child’s success. The developmental gains made through IBI are integral to success in the education system. This is too important of an issue to simply take away from children the treatment and help they need. Ontario’s most vulnerable children should not be penalized for a system that has been inadequately funded, leaving them stranded on wait lists.

OASIS is calling on the government to slowly roll out the new changes to the system, and calling on the Ministry of Education to come up with a plan to be implement immediately to help assist kids affected by this new policy.


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