Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on Autism, Teachers Unions, and More


(Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Still Talking Down To Parents Not At Parents)


Yesterday Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne appeared as a co-host on CFRB 1010’s drive time talk show, where she discussed a wide range of topics including the autism protests, ABA and IBI therapy and the fact that she has been listening to parents.  The autism conversation starts at 13:58 min mark on the below embedded podcast:


The first thing I want to say in response to this is that Wynne’s only concession through the #autismdoesntendat5 seems to be direct funding.  Wynne is still talking down to the people of this province not to them.  She has not been listening at all to parents, and her own expert panel on IBI therapy.  In fact we are now going on month 3 of these protests with another scheduled for June 6th at Queens park.  Consistently throughout the past 3 months in question period at Queens Park Liberal MPPs, Ministers, and herself have openly mocked parents concerns.  Police have been called on parents by MPPs and half assed apologies offered as a result.  The Ontario Liberals are showing signs of regressive policy, not progressive policy.

Readers should also pay attention to Wynne’s comments at the 17:57 mark as well on teachers unions. Apparently these unions have been calling their members during provincial elections and asking them to vote Liberal.  I have a feeling that issues with these unions and school boards mis-spending money, isn’t over yet.  I think we’re going to hear a lot more on that in the weeks and months ahead.  I’ll be covering any breaking news regarding this on mindbendingpolitics, and also on my twitter feed.  In the mean time, you can read more on the issues regarding school boards and teachers unions and my comments on the current crisis here.

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  1. #1 by Marianne Knight on June 2, 2016 - 7:20 AM

    Question I had posed for the Premier on the Autism Crisis: can you please explain how the staff at ErinoakKids are worth the salaries being paid? the CEO makes $374,000 annually, when you add up the salaries of the staff on the ‘Sunshine List’ and the amount paid in consulting fees for 2015, 77 children could have been off the wait list and in IBI services. Twelve years ago your government promised to “clean up a mismanaged multimillion-dollar program for autistic children after a special audit exposed millions in dubious spending, government records riddled with errors” http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/minister-vows-to-review-alter-aid-for-autistic/article18277176/

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  2. #2 by Marianne Knight on June 2, 2016 - 7:35 AM

    Also wanted to have the Premier comment on MPP Kevin Flynn`s allegation of ‘misinformation spread by some’ while denying that individuals are being removed from service. The website of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services states (http://www.children.gov.on.ca/htdocs/English/topics/specialneeds/autism/ontario-autism-program.aspx#scenarios) if “Your child is on the IBI waitlist and is currently five-years-old or older…Your child will be removed from the IBI waitlist..Starting in spring 2016, you will receive one-time funding of $8,000 to purchase eligible community services or supports of your choice that best meet your child’s specific needs.” So in fact autistic children over 5 are being removed from service, and $8,000 is $100,000 short of the cost of Intensive Behaviour Intervention(IBI)they were promised and have been waiting years for.

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  3. #3 by Marianne Knight on June 2, 2016 - 7:38 AM

    Also asked if the Premier is aware of the the Auditor General’s reports that have made numerous recommendations over the last 12 years and have documented hundreds of millions of autism dollars that have been misspent. http://www.auditor.on.ca/en/content/annualreports/arreports/en15/4.01en15.pdf The impact of this mismanagement has not just been children ‘languishing’ on the waitlist while being deprived of essential, evidence based services, it is families in despair going bankrupt while other families are granted millions of dollars beyond what is prescribed.

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  4. #4 by Marianne Knight on June 2, 2016 - 7:42 AM

    Finally asked if the Premier had responded to the motion from the City of Pickering calling on the Liberal government to reverse the decision to remove children over the age of 5 from the life altering services they require. From the motion, “Whereas as with these proposed changes in funding, the Province has acted in a manner contrary to the values of Ontarians “the value that Ontarians place on caring, supporting and investing in the most vulnerable members of our community” and is acting contrary to the United Nations Charter of Rights of Persons with Disabilities, “persons with .disabilities have the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health without discrimination on the basis of disability” and also states that people have a right to the services specifically required for the management of their disability. These clauses are inclusive of all people, not just the ones the government sees fit.” (https://www.pickering.ca/uploads/4/Doc_635986545123010036.pdf)

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