Brown Out In Ontario PC Leadership Race And Recap Thus Far

Patrick Brown decided today that he was ending his candidacy for the Ontario PC Leadership race due to death threats and harassment his family received, and also due to his mother apparently being hospitalized because she can’t handle the stress of her son’s public life. This abrupt end to Brown comes on the heels that the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario announcing he would be investigating Brown’s finances, and a report by the Toronto Star in which the Star obtained e-mails that appear to show Brown’s intent in getting a favorable outcome in a nomination riding that is currently under investigation by law enforcement.

The mic drop on this whole month long Brown fiasco, came from podcaster and political pundit Jen Gerson who pushed back on Brown’s earlier comments that his female accusers from a month ago in the CTV news story should get in contact with Barrie Police:

We here at Mind Bending Politics have been following the Ontario PC Leadership race closely over the past month.  Here’s a quick summery of this unprecedented race and where each leadership candidate stands on their platforms and issues:

Patrick Brown: I’m out, no I mean I’m in.  I’m the only one with a platform, and I’m popular.  Aaaaaaand…I’m out!

Caroline Mulroney: Elect me because I’m not Wynne. Hockey equipment is more important than hydro, because not everyone can afford hockey equipment for their kids like me!

Christine Elliot: I’m a steady hand.  I want to stick it to Trudeau over carbon taxes and I’m willing to spend millions of your hard earn tax payer dollars to fight a legal battle we can’t win, but it’ll look good on me so why not. Hey don’t look over there, look at my steady hands. Steady hands remember, steady hands.

Doug Ford: I’m not my brother.  I don’t do the crack, and I promise I will run the province from my mother’s basement. On the plus side, the Queen’s Park press pool can have free access to my Xbox and games during my press conferences, and mom will bring down the pop and chips. As of July 1st free joints on the house!

Tanya Granic Allen: I really, really don’t like anal sex and Nazis. But I really love caffeine, and I’m not winning over people with this?  Maybe I’ll have a better chance at roll up the rim. Yeah, yeah caffeine it is!

For those of you who think the above is being too sarcastic. Not so much. #SendPositiveThoughts2Ontario

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